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Our Team

Dr Christina Yan Zhang

Metaverse– PhD(2012): Using Metaverse to augment construction, engineering and architecture process”

Rav Roberts MBA

Experienced Digital Transformation Expert On: Digital Governance and Compliance, AI HealthTech, Tech Startups, E-Government

Danil Kerimi

Experienced tech, IP, finance, public admin and diplomacy executive with 20+ years leadership experience at World Economic Forum and UN

Nicholas You

Leading authority on Urban Sustainability, governance, and innovations, 30+ years at UN,trained 1000+ city officials in 80+ countries

Dr. Ahmed El Adl

Coined the Cognitive Digital Twin, Thread, and Swarm in 2016, previsouly CXO leading multi-billion business at top tech and consulting firms

Our Advisor

Rich Kopcho

Expert on Smart Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Venture Capital, AI, IoT, Data&Analytics, Innovative Computing