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Emerging Tech Transformation

  • Advise your business to develop and implement strategies for transforming your operations using Emerging Tech, including the metaverse, AI, digital twins etc.
  • We will work with you to identify your goals, create better client services and support, define a Target Local & Global Operating Model, and select and implement the right emerging technologies for your needs.

Emerging Tech Training

  • We work with the world’s leading education institutions, to provide bespoke training and education materials on the Emerging Technologies.
  • We develop strategic foresight capabilities and––importantly––how to leverage them to create a culture of foresight within your organization to bring commercial success and positive impact.
  • We will train your team and ensure they can identify key market opportunities of emerging tech and how to deploy them effectively to deliver results.
  • The benefits include: enhancing the ability to select and retain the talent in place to support long term implementation of their Emerging strategy and operations.

Experts Hub

  • We produce regular events working with leading experts to discuss the world’s most cutting-edge innovation breakthroughs and identify their commercial impact upon different industries.
  • This can help us to understand the potential of these technologies and to develop strategies to take advantage of them, and support the interactive networking of this global community of top experts.
  • The benefits include: access to a vibrant and rapidly growing emerging tech business community, exchange and development of innovative ideas into successful business.

Emerging Tech Strategy

  • We help organisations to identify the relevance of the Emerging Tech to them, and the role they might play within it. We develop strategic plans that outline the capabilities, talents, new business models, revenue strategies, and market opportunities around emerging technologies including metaverse, AI, digital twins etc.
  • We aim to make companies more efficient and effective in realising the potential of the convergence of different emerging technologies.

AI Governance & Compliance

  • Assess your current state of AI governance, identify gaps and key stakeholders. We will work with you to develop an effective local / global governance framework, recommending & implementing controls, policies and procedures, as well as training employees on their roles and responsibilities.
  • We will monitor and review the effectiveness of your AI governance, to ensure it takes full consideration of cultural differences, legal and regulatory compliance and technology architecture.

Metaverse Media

  • We are active across many different media channels, producing content which promotes a balanced and energetic debate on the Metaverse.
  • The benefits include: a wider and informed practical understanding of the Metaverse and its applications.