The Metaverse Institute

Supporting a Metaverse that Improves the Real World

The Metaverse Institute (MI) is made up of a group of leading pioneers and thought leaders in the Metaverse, artificial intelligence, and related technologies- the benefits of the Metaverse promise to deliver step changes in increased revenues alongside reducing cost, leading to effective and efficient profits.

Our Institute identifies and evaluates against best practice, the most innovative companies seeking to operate in this field, focusing on those who wish to benefit from these technologies to generate positive impacts in the real world.

We also work with educational institutions and businesses to develop and implement their Metaverse strategies, with a strong focus on their training needs in this fast- changing new ecosystem – and how they can use these to drive real-world benefits using proven measures.

Our acknowledged thought leaders utilise evidence-based, rigorous and pragmatic methodologies to inform and assist individuals and organisations exploring the Metaverse in order to maximise its benefits.