Tampere Fair, Finland:The metaverse makes designing smart cities easier than ever before

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By leveraging the metaverse and digital twin, we can design and build sustainable smart cities. We all need to act proactively and quickly to stop global warming,” says Christina Yan Zhang.

The metaverse has become a unifying and unifying force for many new technologies, says Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, CEO and founder of the Metaverse Institute.

Source: Tampere Fair, the full article can be found here The metaverse makes designing smart cities easier than ever before – Technology &; Economy (tekniikkatalous.fi)

The metaverse has been described as a next-generation internet. It is an entity consisting of virtual spaces that can be used to create more realistic experiences online.

Christina Yan Zhang, CEO and founder of the Metaverse Institute

Yan Zhang, who has worked with the metaverse for almost two decades, is particularly interested in how metaverse technologies can be better utilised in sustainable and environmentally friendly urban planning.

“In the future, the majority of the population will live in cities, so with environmentally conscious, resident-oriented urban planning, we can have a huge impact on building sustainable living environments,” says Yan Zhang.

“If we don’t act now, we’re in trouble. Global warming must be halted, and in addition to industry, cities play a key role in this work.”

Digital simulation revolutionises construction

According to Christina Yan Zhang, the metaverse and the technologies connected to it offer new opportunities for solving the global climate problem. Especially with the help of digital twins, modelling is already producing results, and its utilisation is only in its early stages.

“Any kind of activity can be simulated in the metaverse with the help of a digital twin. By digitally modelling the physical world, we can plan evacuation situations in advance or assess the effects of natural forces on buildings before the construction phase,” says Yan Zhang.

“If we don’t act now, we’re in trouble. Global warming must be stopped.”

“New York and Tokyo have used metaverse platforms to plan traffic flows and prevent congestion. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are using the metaverse to create new jobs,” says Yan Zhang enthusiastically.

“There are plenty of examples of digital simulation around the world. By leveraging metaverse technologies and the digital twin, designing smart cities has never been easier.”

Sustainable lifestyle is everyone’s business

The key to building smart cities is action to combat climate change.

“With the digital twin, we can, for example, model residents’ carbon emissions and reduce them. I believe that a sustainable lifestyle is a matter for every citizen. However, structures must enable climate-friendly activities,” says Christina Yan Zhang.

“We all need to be active in order to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals in time. Extreme natural phenomena have increased alarmingly,” Yan Zhang points out.

“With new technologies, we have potential solutions at our fingertips, not forgetting hydrogen and fusion power. I hope that city leaders and planners will take swift action to promote sustainable urban development.”

Christina Yan Zhang will perform as a keynote speaker on the main stage of Tampere Smart City Expo &; Conference on 6.6.2023. Welcome to learn about the cities of the future!

Tampere Trade Fairs

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The international Tampere Smart City Expo &; Conference for smart city development and ICT will be held on 6–7 June at Nokia Arena. The theme of the event is Beyond the Abstract, which dives into the urban metaverse, with Digitally Smart, Urban Intelligence and Responsible ColLAB as its perspectives. International encounters in the field and networking of top experts play a significant role in Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference.

The Expo is free of charge and open to all registered participants, including the main stage program. Tampere Smart City Expo &; Conference’s diverse Conference offering can be redeemed on the website.

The event is organised in cooperation with the City of TampereBusiness Tampere and Tampere Fair Group.

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