AutoExpert, Poland: XIII edition of the MotoIdea automotive conference – October 2023

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An event related to the Polish automotive industry, global economy and new technologies is underway. A meeting of business people and all those interested in the topics of artificial intelligence, automation, geopolitics was organized in Wrocław’s Bielany district. autoEXPERT presents the main issues discussed during lectures and discussion panels.

What factors have the greatest impact on the Polish automotive landscape?

1. Regionalization.

Paweł Borys, President of the Polish Development Fund, pointed to economic destabilization as one of the elements adversely affecting the country’s development. The twisting of supply chains, which has already taken place during the pandemic, is now caused by armed conflicts around the world. And it closes the option of foreign trade for many countries, establishing international cooperation in many industries.

2. Technological revolution.

Keeping up with AI can be difficult,” Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of The Metaverse Institute, talked about in detail about this phenomenon. This technology is estimated to deliver a 40% increase in productivity in many industrial sectors over the next few years. This is because it has a very significant impact on building revenues, but it requires entrepreneurs to actively use its benefits, as well as to become aware of the risks it entails. The topic of cybersecurity is coming back like a boomerang. And investing in cloud computing is a very good business direction, argued the speakers.

3. Inflation.

New investments do not have a favorable economic environment – however, as noted by the organizer of the conference, Paweł Gos, President of the Management Board of Exact Systems, despite the weak currency, the Polish labor market is strengthening and developing. There are more and more small companies that are open to foreign contacts. This is where the potential of the domestic economy currently lies.

4. Energy transition.

In the media, we constantly hear about the need to obtain the so-called green energy. This is a very strong global trend. What does Poland have to offer in this regard? Access to the Baltic Sea and the development of photovoltaics are a response to the direction of energy transformation. There is definitely a need for faster action in this area.

5. Ageing population.

Demography undoubtedly influences the consumption model. An estimated 3 million workers will disappear from the market in the coming decades. And although 17 million people are currently working, many companies are struggling to find and hire specialists. For example, there is a shortage of experts in quality control, information acquisition or setting the path of change for small and large enterprises. In Poland, many investors choose automation instead of investing in human potential. Whether this is a good decision – time will tell…

Generation Z in the workshop

5. Generation Z in the workshop

This is the first generation to grow up in a fully digitalised society, where access to media and new technologies is unlimited. In terms of year, this social group ranks in the years 1995-2012, which means that we will soon be dealing with another generation change.

6. Geopolitical tensions.

The automotive industry is also affected by the issue of security threats, the consumption and acquisition of material goods recede into the background when there is a war just across the border. The risk is hedged by the export of goods. The Polish automotive sector is stubbornly striving for stabilization from before the pandemic, counting on a downward trend in inflation and state support in access to new technologies and funds for the development of the industry. Because the automotive industry is not only a business, it is also a passion of many people and one of the economic pillars – argued the organizers of the event.

More information about the agenda and speakers of the conference can be found on the organizer’s website.

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