Dr Tirath Virdee

Data Evangelist, Data and AI Strategist and Executive

Tirath is the Founder and Director of a number of companies and startups and his interest spans many verticals including companies involved in technologies around metaverse. These include DRE Digital Limited, Sensory Intelligence Limited, Neura Technologies Limited, Data Alchemy Limited, and Xenesis Limited. He was also the CTO at Data for Good Limited.

Tirath is involved in researching, applying and writing about AI, blockchain, quantum computing, neuroscience, cybersecurity, sustainability and Web3. His primary current interest is in intelligent data, virtualisation, value exchange, and the environmental adaptation by intelligence. He had been an advisor to a number of national and governmental bodies as well as commercial enterprises on issues related to data, sustainability and issues related to extracting business value from data as well as the application and implication of AI-human hybrids. He has been developing a multi-dimensional SAAS product related to data democratisation in a way that can deliver W3C framework business advantages and consequently power development of metaverse frameworks including frameworks for ethics, governance and compliance. He has extensive involvement with number of projects within digital health as well as with NHSX and NHS AL Labs. He is also Involved with Tortoise Media on the construction of the AI Global Index (an influential measure of the AI maturity of nation states). He has also given keynote speeches in diverse fields such as Telcos, Agriculture, HR, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Banking and Future of Crypto, Data Ontology based intelligence, etc.

He has been an Advisor on several issues related to technology to the UK Prime Minister’s Office. He is a permanent member of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Groups on AI and Blockchain and was an advisor to the Scottish government on AI strategy. Involvement in the setting up of Capita’s Board of Eminence (which includes noted academics from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, the Alan Turing Institute, etc).

He is also an expert in financial technology (fintech): created and implemented leading-edge AI-based algorithms for trading leveraged instruments including currency pairs, composites, cryptocurrency and commodities. He has worked on a consulting basis with investment banks (Goldman, HSBC, Barclays) as well as develop AI trading bots for commercial use. Some of these have been implemented on neuromorphic processors. He has considerable, hands-on experience of on most aspects of AI.

He was Director of Artificial Intelligence at Capita, the Director of Advanced Technology Group at Siemens AG, a senior scientist at the Numerical Algorithms Group, a senior physicist in the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Breeder Reactor Programme, and has a PhD in Engineering Mathematics( completed in 2 years), a MSc in Radiation and Immunology, and a first degree in Physics.

Tirath is the author of “Data Alchemy: The Genesis of Business Value”, and a major contributor to the reference work for the legal profession “AI: Law and Regulation” and currently working on his book “Virtualising Humans: The birth of a new consciousness”. He is also a board advisor to EyA, Convex Foundation, Keenworld – companies that are building technologies for decentralisation and virtualisation.