Dr Richard Leaver

Artificial Intelligence – PhD(1988): “Stochastic Arrays and Learning Networks”

Richard is a Cambridge based founding partner in early stage technology venture capital firm Boundary Capital Partners LLP. In addition, he has been a guest Professor at Beijing Science and Technology University and is Lead Foreign Academician with Hainan University, China

With a PhD in AI (1988 from Durham University, he had a successful 11 year career progression in defence and security with BAE Systems, including development of one of the first UK intelligent telematics vehicles, Richard moved to Cambridge in 1994 to work with the international technology consulting Generics Group (now Sagentia Group).

From 2001 with the investment arm of the Group following its successful FTSE flotation, he worked as a fund manager, making investments from a number of funds in diverse areas from nanotechnology to biometrics and vision systems.

He then left to set up and lead a new offshore Homeland Security Fund in 2006 and from 2008- 2012, was CEO of Blue Star Capital plc, a London based listed company investing in Homeland Security technologies.